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At Water Solutions we understand that selecting the appropriate filter or system for your home or business can be a confusing task. To help you pick out the best solution for your specific situation, we offer free telephone and e-mail support questions and answers. Additionally, we have available on our website a comprehensive index of frequently asked questions, technical specifications and a glossary of water filtration terms and definitions.

Well the simple answer is that water quality is not getting any better. According to the Water Quality Association, water is an extremely solvent substance that is easily contaminated by everything it touches. In more than a third of the United States, mineral deposits create "hard water" that may turn laundry gray, leave soap scum on bathroom tile and produce soap residue that irritates the family's skin. Other minerals create red, brown, green and black staining and "rotten egg" odors in drinking water. City water purification does not seem to completely solve the problem either and many cities chlorinate drinking water only to kill bacteria.

Water Hardness

Hard water is a type of water that contains bicarbonate, sulphate and chloride salts of magnesium and calcium. These impurities react with higher fatty acids present in soap to form insoluble scum and thereby hindering the soaps’ action. There are two type of hardness.

1. Temporary hardness

Temporary hardness is caused by the presence of bicarbonate salts of calcium and magnesium in water. By simply boiling the water, the temporary hardness precipitates out of the water, settling on surfaces it comes in contact with, such as geyser coils, solar heater coils, taps, inner layer of the pipes, etc. This shows up as white scales that you can see on your faucets, etc.

2. Permanent hardness

If the water contains chloride or sulphate salts, then the water cannot be made soft by simply boiling. There are special methods to make such water soft. This hardness again leads to various issues depositing itself on the scalp of our hair making it frizzy that might lead to hairfall.